C-Beam(max) Complete CNC TR8x8 Lead-screw drive Mechanical Kit.

Check out the 3D file here: http://a360.co/2w0ShZO

See the build guide here:

This sale is for the complete C-Beam-MAX XYZ, Frame mechanical set with TR8x8 lead screws, 1M profiles, and all other mechanical component shown


KIT CHOICES (All costs exclude shipping and country specific taxes)

C-Beam Option  All 1000mm x 1000mm   Normally  Our Price
Option 1 Mechanical kit only, no electronics, (includes TR8x8 Lead screws and Nuts) $771.65  $619.99
Option 2 Mechanical Kit, 4 x Standard Motors $876.39  $683.71
Option 3 Mechanical Kit, 4 x High Torque Motors $942.44 $723.87
Option 4 Option 2, plus 71mm Spindle Mount  $908.44 $701.70
Option 5 Option 3, plus 71mm Spindle Mount $974.49  $741.86 


The C-Beam-Max (at 1M length for X and Y) Outer Dimensions (with motors) are:

X - 1120mm (Cut Area 880mm approx)
Y - 1126mm (Cut Area 886mm approx)
Z - 478mm (250mm Z gantry (Travel is 120mm approx)

Fully customizable and based on the C-Beam profiles this design will make this kit one of the most popular kits available anywhere.

This kit is bolted onto your bed base (not provided) to provide a very simple, very stable XYZ CNC mechanical kit. There are only the gantries to build. The C-Beam profile is a very, very strong profile compared to single beam profile machines.

Please read this entire rider description prior to purchase.


It should be noted this is part of a maker's kit, made by makers for makers. If you are in the market for a CNC router that is ready to go out of the box, this is not the kit for you. This kit requires assembly and many additional parts to make a full working machine.

If you are familiar with this kind of kit you will realise what a great deal this is, however please note:

End of Rider 

This sale is for the complete C-Beam-MAX XYZ, Frame mechanical set with TR8x8 lead screws, 1M profiles

This is the XYZ gantry set, frame, 3 x 1M C-Beams, and 3 x TR8x8 Lead-screws for this kit. Every single mechanical part that is needed to build the C-Beam(max) kit is included in this set at the lowest possible price.


  • The Design is based on C-Beam profiles used for extreme strength

  • TR8x8 Lead-screw drives and nuts on all Axes, much simpler to construct than belt drive systems (Max to suit 1M C-Beam profile)

  • Twin clamping eccentric wheel sets on the Y axes for ultimate rigidity

  • C-Beam Z Axis, with 8 wheels and 2 x lead-nuts to give maximum rigidity

  • Corner Brackets included to bolt to a board

  • Couplings are 1/4in x 8mm

  • Nema 23 type plates on all Axes

  • Combined wheels, normal and mini to give maximum grip

  • 20x20 profile on the X axis acts as a cable track carrier (cable track carrier not included)

  • Profiles lay flat on any surface


Renderings of a 1M x 1M system which is what you will finish up with, not included in this sale are the bed / spoilboard and cable track carriers. Motors & Electronics are optional..




What is included in this sale:

This sale is for the complete C-Beam-MAX XYZ, Frame mechanical set with TR8x8 lead screws, 1M C-Beam profiles, Standard Nema Motor for the Z Gantry and 3 x High Torque motors for the XY gantries.


What else is needed to complete the build?


  • CNC Control / Breakout Board
  • Stepper Drivers
  • Shielded Stepper Cable, 4 core
  • 4 core cable
  • Cable Carriers
  • End Stop / Limit Switches
  • Power Supply
  • Spindle / Spindle Mount

C-Beam Build Guide

X Gantry

3D File: http://a360.co/2xJRNt9

1. Build the X gantry

 1a. Build the X gantry Single Set

1b: Build the X gantry Dual Set

1c: Join the two sets using the 4 x 10mm Bolts as shown below


2. Build The 2 x Y gantry arms (one is a mirror image of the other)

3D File: http://a360.co/2wBn0cY

2a: Build two Dual Gantry Sets

2b: Attach the extra Nut Block to each gantry

2c: Attach the gantry Corner brackets as shown below:

Note the position of the locknuts inside the corner connector and the longer 15mm screw that attaches the plate to the corner bracket

Also, note the orientation of the T-Nuts so the Y extrusion can slide into place.


Item Number Quantity Part-Configuration Name
1 4 Corner Connector
2 1 Dual_C-Beam Plate
3 4 M5 Punched T-Nut
4 4 M5 x 10mm Low Profile Screw
5 4 M5 x 15mm Low Profile Screw
6 4 M5Locknut
7 1 V-Slot 20x80x250mm Linear Rail

Attach the X Axis Extrusion Corner Brackets as shown below, each corner bracket set contains 1 x corner bracket, 2 x T-Nuts and 2 x 10mm bolts

Slide the T-Nuts into the profile, attach the bolts. Position as shown, do NOT fully tighten until the ARM is attached to the X Axis extrusion.