C-Beam(maxPRO) Complete CNC TR12x3 Lead-screw drive Mechanical Kit

The latest V-Slot offering from RoboCutters.co.uk, the very simple, probably the simplest, CNC machine kit on the market. Yet one of the strongest available.

The latest V-Slot offering from RoboCutters.co.uk, the C-Beam(max_PRO) take the C-Beam to its ultimate performance, already a great machine the C-Beam(max_PRO) becomes even more professional with the addition of TR12 (12mm diamater) trapeziodal leads screws and nuts on the X and Y axes allowing a maximum of 1.5M x 1.5M frame size.

Max (at 1M length for X and Y) Dimensions (with motors) are:

X - 1620mm (Travel 1350mm approx)
Y - 1626mm (Travel 1320mm approx)
Z - 478mm (Travel is 90mm approx)

This kit is based on the C-Beam Machine designed by RoboCutters but taken to the next level with TR12 leadscrews. 

This kit is bolted onto your bed or spoil-board (not provided) to provide a very simple, very stable XYZ CNC mechanical kit. There are only the gantries to build.C-Beam is a very, very strong profile compared to single beam profile machines.

Please read this entire rider description prior to purchase.


It should be noted this is part of a maker's kit, made by makers for makers. If you are in the market for a CNC router that is ready to go out of the box, this is not the kit for you. This kit requires assembly and many additional parts to make a full working machine.

If you are familiar with this kind of kit you will realise what a great deal this is.

End of Rider 

This sale is for the complete C-Beam(maxPRO) XYZ and Frame mechanical set with TR12 lead screws and related C-Beam profiles.

This is the XYZ gantry set, frame, 3 x C-Beam profiles, 3 x TR12 Lead-screws and nuts for this kit. Every single mechanical part that is needed to build the C-Beam(maxPRO) kit is included in this set at the lowest possible price.


  • The Design is based on C-Beam profiles used for extreme strength

  • TR12 Lead-screw drives and nuts on the X and Y Axes

  • Twin clamping eccentric wheel sets on the Y axes for ultimate rigidity

  • Laser Cut 6mm plates used throughout, all powder coated red

  • C-Beam Z Axis, with 8 wheels and 2 x lead-nuts to give maximum rigidity as standard, optional 1605 ballscrew Z axis available.

  • Nema 23 type plates on all Axes

  • Combined wheels, normal and mini to give maximum grip

  • 20x20 profile on the X axis acts as a cable track carrier

  • Profiles lay flat on any surface


Renderings of a 1M x 1.5M system which is what you will finish up with, the only thing not included in this sale is the bed / spoilboard

What is included in this sale:

  • The C-Beam(max) - X Gantry
  • The C-Beam(max) - Y Gantries
  • The C-Beam(max)- Z Gantry
  • The C-Beam(max) - Frame mechanical parts 
  • 3 x C-Beam profiles
  • 3 x TR12 1M leadscrews
  • Full Build Guide, provided after the sale

The C-Beam(max) XYZ - X Gantry complete kit

picture shows a sample of the build guide, with all sets and parts identified.




The C-Beam(max) - Y Gantry (Two Sets of) complete kit


The C-Beam(max) - Z Gantry TR8x8 250mm, complete kit (motor optional)


The C-Beam(max) - Frame complete sets (4 of) motor not included




What else is included in this sale

X Axis

Y Axis (x 2)


What else is needed to complete the build?


All available from robocutters.co.uk



We are a premier supplier of  Openbuilds products and we were the first in the be appointed as distributor for V-Slot products in the UK. We can provide any Openbuilds product as part of our extensive product range.

This C-Beam(max) Machine Kit is THE ACME TR8x8 kit to have!

This kit is based on the C-Beam Machine designed by Mark Carew of Openbuilds. A DIY CNC machine that is customizable, rigid, and operates like a machine costing 3 times as much, fully customizable and one of the most popular kits available anywhere. This build utilises a few of my own simple parts to make the build easier and less expensive than a normal kit. 

The c-Beam(max) Machine makes full use of the excellent C-Beam Extrusion system. 

I am often asked what the difference is between the other CNC kits based on profile motion are and the simple answer is that V-Slot is the most flexible, and when designed properly, the most rigid.

Their are other designs such as the Routy (openbuilds product), shapeoko, Makerslide etc that are available but only openbuilds provides the necessary 'big' profiles such as the 6020 or 8020, along with related components to make really rigid machines.

As experienced CNC engineers we can offer extensive advice on CNC kits and machines, this kit is just one of many we have available. We don't just sell kits and parts, we know our stuff inside out. Other companies claim to sell similar products but are essentially box shifters with little experience of CNC or engineering.